The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards
The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards
The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards
The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards
The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards
The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards
The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards

The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition Playing Cards

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The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition
♥ 100% uniquely illustrated and hand-drawn Aces, Jokers, Pips & Courts cards.
♣ Deluxe Tuck Box with Embossing & 3 Hot Foils, carefully handcrafted by the amazing Boschiero & Newton in Italy on premium German paper with special hot foils, exclusively made in the UK.
♠ Printed in the USA by USPCC on Premium Bee stock.
♣ 2 years in the making, with countless tries and infinite hours of hand-drawing.

♦ Limited to 1 of 760 Numbered Seals Edition

Hundreds of years ago there were two lovers who reigned the world of the Elves, but after some time the Goddess Varaliath started to get involved with the obscure and the occult until she was completely absorbed by it. Celioth, faithful to the light and not willing to tolerate her interest in black magic, pushed her away.

The Goddess, surrounded by darkness, took shelter in the grim, cold dungeons of the earth. She decided to change the colour of her skin to hide better and while performing a dark ritual she marked her face with a scar. She then found a new companion, Lysanthar, with whom she plans her revenge against Celioth. Together they reign on darkness and generated the Dark Elves race. Celioth, in turn, got together with Goddess Miredienne and created the noble Grey Elves and the Forest Elves. In time, Elves started living with humans and eventually a new race appeared, the Half-elves.

The Grey Elves are the most ancient race, the first ones generated by the Gods, therefore creating a bloodline of Kings and Queens. They consider themselves superior to the other elves and have some special characteristics: they live longer than other elves and have silver reflections on their skin. They live in castles and beautiful mansions, near the hills and the mountains, and do not usually get involved with other elven races. Their dress style is elegant and very sophisticated.

The Grey Elves of our deck are counts: they live in a beautiful castle on the hills, from where they rule the lands below them and control the balance between the different elven races. They observe the dark elves and make sure they do not gain too much power. They also prevent humans from getting too close to the forests of their reign.

Wise fighters, knights by nature, and unbeatable on the battlefield.

We introduce you to Faelyn, the noble King warrior, Aerith the Queen paladin and musical lover, and Prince Quildor, our Jack.

Forest Elves, reserved and nestled in the elven realm, live isolated from the world, taking care of nature and the balance of things. They are incredible archers and protectors of the animals. They respect life and guard their sacred reign from human invasion.

They do not hesitate; they aim with their magnificent bows and shoot a warning to signal the intrepid to stay away from their magical reign. Their skin is of a pale olive color since they are always out in the wild, and they usually wear green and brown, a distinct sylvan style.

The Forest Elves of our deck are archers. They dwell in the magical elven realm and often practice shooting arrows to unfathomable distances for humans. However, they do not use their weapons unless it's absolutely necessary; in fact, they believe in peace and respect for nature and its creatures.

Fighters when needed, although they naturally cherish peace. The only race they cannot tolerate is the Dark Elves, which they keep as far as they can from their reign.

We would like to introduce you to King Drannon, Queen Chaenath, and Prince Alinar, our Jack.

 The Dark Elves lineage was created by the union of the goddess Varaliath and the god Lysanthar. They live a malefic and damned existence, isolated from the others, often in caves or abandoned castles and ruins. They are easily distinguished by their dark skin, by the mark that they still bear thousands of years after their creation, and by their clothes, usually dark to help them hide in the shadows.

The Dark Elves are three very ambitious characters devoted to magic. They want to conquer their place in society and secretly dominate the whole elven race. In order to do that, they practice magic and after many years of studying, they are now ready to challenge in battle anyone who comes before them. Pay attention, they are dangerous!

We introduce Theodas the wizard King, Leilatha the Queen sorceress of evil, and Ganthar the prince of darkness, our Jack.

Half-elves are often considered hybrids as they are born from the union of an elf and a human and are hardly accepted by either race. Having trouble integrating in the two worlds they decided to live at the borders of the city, isolated in their own communities. Their look is a mixture of features, they have the typical elven ears even if they are a bit roundish and shorter than their relatives. Yet, many of them choose to hide them below their hats or inside their thick hair and they live just a little longer than the humans.

They have a white pale skin typical of the Elves living in the cities, and their clothes vary according to their work.

The Half-elves of our deck are nomads, they continue to flee from city to city because they are persecuted by a human sect that wants to exterminate their race. They feel closer to the world of Elves, as they never really accepted their human heritage, and were forced to become thieves to survive, stealing everything they could from humans. Contemptuous of danger and of the consequences they now excel in plundering for necessity, they would never steal to become rich, but to survive, dreaming of returning to live amongst Elves.

We introduce our half-elves:

The son Haemir our Jack, Mother Daethie as the Queen & Father Glarald as the King