Carbon Fiber Card Clip Textured

Carbon Fiber Card Clip Textured

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Don't be fooled by imitation carbon/vinyl or carbon sheathed metal clips- they are just a sticker on a plastic or metal clip.

This is the real carbon clip, produced by Legends PCC for David Blaine and the Conjuring Arts Research Center. Luxurious and rich black carbon fiber playing card clips, made with real carbon fiber. The same technology as Formula 1 racing cars. Half as light as a metal card clips, and just as strong. Don't worry about the weight of your clip anymore!

This is the second batch of clips, engineered in USA with a flat spine. Fits Diamond Finish, Classic Finish, Viper Finish and most USPCC decks (especially if they are crushed paper). Very challenging to manufacture, we use pure pre-preg carbon fiber, no metal underneath or plastic "carbon look" sticker. This is 5-6 layers of real carbon fiber made into a playing card clip. The steel mold was precisely CNC'ed, then it is covered in a custom release agent, covered with a felt breather, and finally sealed in a vacuum bag. We then bake the clips in an autoclave at .5-3 bar pressure for 90 minutes. 

After de-molding, each clip is hand cut and the edges sanded, with a gelcoat being applied, along with a UV coating. These clips are the best of the best, the highest technology available was used to make them. Keep in mind they are all finished by hand, so there will be slight differences in each clip, making them unique.