Bicycle Royale Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck
Bicycle Royale Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck
Bicycle Royale Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck
Bicycle Royale Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck
Bicycle Royale Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck

Bicycle Royale Limited Edition Playing Cards Deck

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Of the quartet of powerhouses who laid claim to the throne, whose leader was the true heir? There could be only one. Yet each asserted they were of the bloodline. The high descent that gave them the birth right to win supremacy.

The unrest that ensued resulted in royal battles and the repercussions of which are still felt to this day. Reason enough to recognise the sacrifices made, the blood let, the limbs, loves and lives lost.

Hence this most regal of decks. Royale by name and by nature. Its regally symbolic designs tell of a golden age of sword-wielding warriors. Of gallantry and gold. Of shields breached by gilded sceptres drawn. Golden fleur-de-lis and plumes of elegant feathers, ripped from coats of arms of now deceased family lines.

This is the deck that recognises the bravery of those kings and queens who fought for power. The opulent designs on the reverse sit on blood-red with good reason: homage to the casualties suffered on all sides, too numerous to count, too numerous to ignore.

But now the battle must play out. Enter its final phase. Its fate in your hands.

Release the warriors from the barracks of the tuck. Choose your allies carefully and watch your enemies closely in the battles that lie ahead. With such weapons as these in your hands, victory will surely be yours. The cardists and magicians shall win the battle to create evermore dramatic flourishes and sleights of hand, like an expert swordsman. The collector shall taste victory in the battle to add elegance to their display. And the players shall face their enemies across the minefield of the baize with newfound confidence.

Lives will be changed, futures shaped and some shattered by a turn, a flip or a slide. It's time to exert your power, display your greatness, stake your claim.

Let the next royal battle begin.

Bicycle® Royale features:
  • Printed by USPCC'S high-end casino web press, exclusively in Q1 Quality (the highest grade of playing card quality in the industry).
  • Quality, durable, Bicycle® Classic stock crushed thinner. This ultra-thin luxury stock lends the cards a superior premium feeling and avoids the necessity of the breaking-in period which lesser crafted cards require.
  • Unique Painstakingly handcrafted art from the faces to the pips. Each card was created and 3D modelled from scratch. The pursuit of perfection.
  • Magic coating (the cards handle smoothly and last longer than regular decks)
  • Manufactured by the USPCC - worldwide leader in playing cards manufacturing
  • Special limited edition run of ONLY 3500 decks